Textstrings…all about food, diet, exercise.


Diet, Die-t:

This is a real life text string between me (me) another person (op) and another other person (oop)

me: Easy way to fail at diet hour 1. (buy these delicious tempting morsels here)

Sweet sweet cereal
Sweet sweet cereal

OP: That’s the benefit of never having food in the house. No temptation.

Me: And this:

Note knife in box as if a full donut was ever too much for anyone to handle.
Note knife in box as if a full donut was ever too much for anyone to handle.

OP: I fucking love donuts.

Me: And this:

Don't know what those pretzels are doing in there. Waste of space really.
Don’t know what those pretzels are doing in there. Waste of space really.

Me: All within two feet of each other.

OP: And candy? Shit!

Me: Steve told me he would purge the house (which is totally not his responsibility) but this is sort of a fail. He doesn’t help when he cooks steak, and fried potatoes, and roasted chicken with crispy skin, and homemade bread with butter.

OP: Its too delicious

Me: And I am actually beginning to cry as I text this.

Its as if my beloved has died.
Its as if my beloved has died.

Op: Oh honey, shit times. That’s the saddest face I have ever seen.

Me: Its my no butter face,

OP: I hate that:

Me: The accountant just emailed me, that face is worse than the no butter face.

Tools of the trade:

OP: We got a vitamix. My first smoothie was a fail. Way too many beets.

Other other person: Beets make a lot of trouble in a smoothie world.

OP: Seriously

OOP: I stick to greens and yogurt. Though not together.

Me: I bought the electromagnetic ab exerciser. How can’t that lose? It’s better than a diet.

Me: Here is just ONE way it can lose. By not fitting around my waist.

Born at the wrong time:

Me: Being married to abstemious fit people sucks.

OP: Yes, such incredible self control.

Me: Its not though. It ISNT THE SAME It would be like complimenting my mother on not getting a new car. Their pleasure comes from the discipline and the denial.

OP: No.  We have many discussions about how I say he doesn’t understand what feeling out of control around food feels like.  He really doesn.t.

Me: If somehow the world were reversed and being plump and enjoying throw pillows were the “virtues” then they would fail. Its the time we live in.

OP: Our better parallel universe.

Me: We would have been kick ass in the 1700s. Round and happy, eating grapes on pillows.

OP: The hottest babes around.
Me: They would have been scrawny bitter people
Unable to feather their nests
OP: Made to eat gruel in the courtyard while we feasted on mutton and ale.
Me: Exactly, but the gruel would be all they wanted.
OP: Lets start a commune and not let skinny people in.
Me: Except to schlep us our wares.
OP: And tie our shoes for us because we can’t do it ourselves.
Me: Who needs shoes? We aren’t walking anywhere.
OP: Screw walking, running and spinning.
What are you texting? Perhaps things other than diet tips? Give me a chain.



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