Happy holiday party people!

That might actually be the first exclamation point ever on my blog. I hope you can feel the cheer and good wishes behind it…because my pointer finger and I had a heated debate over whether or not that key actually works.

This is the first year Steve and I have not hosted or co-hosted the big meal, and like my favorite character in Real Genius I am both happy and sad for us. That said there was more time than ever for the pie fecta. Some traditions never die.

I’m not going to post about gratitude or thanksgiving traditions or family here…but I will link to other things I have written in the past three days about those sentiment appropriate topics.

Where my boys tame my mother on a family vacation. via

Where Steve and my mother switch roles in preparation for our gorge fest feast. via The Good Men Project.

Where our sons express gratitude outside of the Thanksgiving table. via The Good Men Project.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and being your imperfect and engaged selves…

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