We all have those items on our to do list that just keep getting pushed to the next day. For 8 months mine has been “research great app store write ups.” Yesterday I finally got to it.

I had handed off my phone to Gahlord at Thoughtfaucet to do a thorough test on the Marble Jar app, and I wanted to keep some portion of my concentration on what he was up to.  15% of my mind was already busy running “it itches, it itches” on auto-repeat regarding my poisen ivy, 20% was already thinking about mid afternoon snack, so I wanted to pick a project that could be easily interrupted. App store research!

Browsing the app store is almost a daily event for me (and should be for any iPhone dev team). This “research” was going to be a bit deeper: read every word of the write ups, and categorize the types of writing, and compare those types to each apps mobclix ranking.

I booted up my new iPad and got to work. Three apps and three purchases in I realized that I was not the right woman for the job. Evidently I consider every app store write up compelling. So I ask you. Which apps have you purchases through browsing the app store rather than by word of mouth or paid ads? I need some great examples, and clearly I am not capable of distinguishing fine from great.

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