gchat box

If you are like me you communicate with your husband in little snippets through the day on a variety of platforms. Steve and I text, ichat, use facetime, email back and forth, talk on the phone, and most frequently gchat. You know? The little area to the right of your gmail inbox that lets you chat with folks online?

I like gchat best because it has a keyboard (unlike my phone) does not require nice hair (like facetime), and allows me to communicate while still being productive (unlike a phone call where I tend to get busted for trying to juggle things.) Plus I think he looks great in his little little little picture over there.

One of the things that has bothered me about this chat v say…ichat is that our dialogue has run together until today. Look over there ——> see the lines. Those simple lines? They make a good thing better.  Thanks google.

And as a bit of a punchline this blog post can be about why my mac is better than his PC:

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