So I have been back to work for one day and already I feel a bit drown-y. It is likely because of the one day timeline that I feel this way, but not entirely. Both my work and volunteer life seem to be the sort that include lots of projects, and lots of different stages of projects.

Right now for win win I am:

  • Marketing Marble Jar
  • Planning Marble Jar’s first update for next week
  • Planning Marble Jar’s second version for next month
  • Doing my taxes (I KNOW it is September)
  • Getting Patience ready for beta testing
  • Finishing up the use case for EventLive
  • Prepping outline for Blogalicious speaker gig
  • Starting sketch work for Procrastination (see how I left that for last?)

For the town of Shelburne I am:

  • Wading through materials for an 85 unit village Development for the Development Review Board
  • Organizing a 3 day event to connect Shelburne stakeholders with AIA experts in order to reframe Shelburne Rd as a “place” rather than a state highway
  • Meeting with an Economic Development expert to boost the efforts of the SBPA.

For the book on Moderation I am co-authoring with my uncle:

  • laughing at the above list in juxtaposition of the book title
  • re-drafting some of the science-y sections that he has written
  • writing three section from scratch

For the Fleming Museum I am:

For the hurricane victims I am:

For our landlord situation I am:

  • Dropping the price on our 3 bedroom in the New North End of Burlington.
  • Lamenting that I ever became a landlord

For my family I am:

  • Planning Leo’s superhero, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, adventure birthday party
  • Washing bedding to host my mother in law for a week
  • Teaching Oliver to tie his shoes
  • Figuring out where our brewery should live.

For myself I am:

  • Walking with friends in the mornings
  • Allowing myself to use a list with links as a blog post.
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