Top 10( ish) iOS apps

I spend a lot of time on my various apple devices. For a while I actually developed iOS apps. Meaning, I paid someone to build apps that I wanted, not that I sat down and wrote code. So it was easy to justify buying an iPad 1, 2, 3, mini, iPhone 3, 4, 4s, 5 and now 5s. We have them all. Our own interactive apple museum.

During my audit prep I pawed through all of the folders of the companies that I have invested in since 2011. (Have I not yet ranted about my audit? Got to save that gem.)

Do you like my organization?
Do you like my organization?

One of them is Notabli. It doesn’t actually have a folder, because there is not really any paper involved in this investment, which now that I am being audited strikes me as potentially problematic, but I digress. I want to point it out because I actually USE the app. And that is notable. I have loads of apps on my phone. I am not an app purger. Although I am an app organizer.


Notabli actually shows up on another screen. Organized using a totally separate rule than this one. I’ll let you guess what that rule is a bit later. For now I want to talk about the apps that I use. From most frequent to least frequent use. I’m taking mail/calendar/text out of the running because I consider those core features. No special explanation needed.

  • Facebook. Obviously.
  • Zillow. I am still obsessed. Each property seems to represent an alternative life, imagine the possibilities. Plus I can mentally remove walls and switch out furniture. Like I did online for like, 2 weeks.
  • Patriots. I listen to the podcasts Tuesday and Thursday, the roster report on Friday and read their blog 3/4 times a day. I particularly like the game of “how many cliches can there be in a press conference.” (Another game I play with myself.)
  • Notabli. Fourth most frequent app. My kids, they say the darndest things. And I know that not everyone on facebook wants to hear that. I also want to be able to go back and revisit all of my kids moments in one place without digging around. Plus, it makes my mom feel connected without me doing anything more than I regularly do. Seriously good stuff. Can push to fb/twitter/email.
  • Hootsuite. Boring but necessary. Still finding a way to have fewer than 3 twitter accounts.
  • Foursquare. I’m a dork. But sometimes it gets me free cheese. Which I now cant eat.
  • Pacer. Tracks my steps so I know that I am always always always short of my goal. Must keep it real.
  • Lose-it. Syncs with my scale so I know how my weight is trending. (Just guess) It also send me push notifications twice a day so I know that I have neither logged lunch, nor logged all my meals. On the upside it was 50% responsible for the 35 lbs I lost. (And 0% responsible for the 40 lbs I gained.)
  • TED. A lecture a day keeps the … I dont know who it keeps away, but it gets me out of my own head for between 8-20 minutes a day.
  • Lumosity. Back in my head. Puzzles that pretend to make you smarter.
  • Numbers. Thats where I make charts. I like charts.
  • Tivo. Because we have no TV in our bedroom. I can cheat and stream things. It would be much higher on the list. E   xc    e       p        t         it        la          gs. Annoying.

What are your favorite apps?

Have you downloaded notabli yet? Will you please.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10( ish) iOS apps”

  1. I am home alone waiting for you to post 🙂
    The ones I hit while still horizontal in the morning are Fitbit (to turn off sleep mode and marvel at how much I don’t actually sleep) then I watch a TED. Every morning I watch a TED; its the only resolution I’ve ever kept.

  2. Words with Friends. It makes me FEEL productive in 60 second windows of opportunity. And makes me feel the warmth and closeness of a friend, even when we’re far away. And even when we’re not chatting. Or when we are chatting. Wanna play?

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