For those of you asking about the diet…I am down 12 pounds. Don’t see it, don’t feel it. Still thinking about not eating. Except when I am eating when I am thinking about what I would rather be eating. I am also down one fitbit which does not like swimming in Truro ponds as much as my boys and I do. New one on the way.

Porky did not defy science and swim from his bucket to the bay. Still dead, and totally forgotten.

Also still dead: Sarah, who has returned to us in the form of super heavy ashes in a beautiful box. Cynic that I am I asked Steve if we paid extra for the box. He said no. So pet cremation must be a luxury item, and comes with bells, whistles, and boxes. It of course was not a luxury for us, because our dog was bigger than most adolescent cows… A note to the emergency vet: You were absolutely incredible during our emergency. Your follow up call however, telling me that “Sarah was back and I should come pick her up” was a little rattling. I appreciate that the phrase “pet ashes” might be a little hard on the mourners, but it is certainly less unsettling than the rapid fire consecutive,” I forgot my dog, wait my dog is dead, static, static, oh- this perky person means Sarah’s ashes” that I endured at 8:00 am.

On the plus side. Vacation continues. Our challenger soccer coach Alex returns for 3 weeks today. We are picking him up at the airport this afternoon. Leo is planning to leave his pretend bomb at home. Inspired by an inventor friend Leo has disassembled something (?) and has wires, motherboards, and plastic containers taped together. The whole “bomb” contraption is then taped to the handset of our phone- the detonator. I’m pretty sure security would be fine with the object itself, but the alarm of its detonation and subsequent running for cover might be disruptive at the airport.

We are home for one week, then off to Michigan. Choosing between the Toronto route and the Cleveland route. The Toronto route has the advantage of Toronto. And 18 rather than 20 hours in the car. The Cleveland route has the advantage of skipping border crossing. Which with the Brit in the van might be longer than the usual wave on through. Tough call.

Thinking a lot this week about advice. Does anyone ever take it? I had 3 or 4 conversation where the narrator recounted reasonable advice offered and ignored. I of course responded by giving advice about advice. I site on several advisory boards. Our function seems never in fact to be to advise.

Watching Oliver over the past few weeks I realize he pretty much cant sit down. He can lie down and watch TV or he can pace, run or climb. I know the studies of boys and school. How we eliminate recess and free choice and have them sit at their tables. Then we keep them from tapping their feet and pencils and wriggling. Which keeps them from learning. How to integrate that. It is certainly annoying at dinner. Maybe we need a standing dinner table, like a standing desk. Maybe schools could try standing desks. Maybe I should stand up right now.

Leo helping get down rocks


Sometimes the climbing helps. When our friends from Beijing arrived to look at some of my dad’s collection Leo climbed the wall to get down that top left rock.

I also got to see several college friends. Each of them have careers that they love, and young healthy families. For the first time that I can remember I didn’t feel defensive about my career identity. I am still puzzling over what has changed. Hearing about tenure, publications, partnerships, and raises I felt pleasure for them. Not jealousy.  Just 6 months ago I was in full tumult over my worklife. Now suddenly not.

There is super loud undiagnosed beeping in my house. But it is being muted by the sound of the new refrigerator trying to take flight. I tried to combine my ebay prowess with a bit of frugality and bought this stainless and glass horizontal beast to supplement our family fridge. It is gorgeous. And so so so loud. So loud. Which makes me think about energy. Wasted energy to cool wasted yogurt.

But I digress. From what I am not sure. I just needed to answer the questions that came in via email on the diet, the fish and the dog. Then I kept typing.

So your action items:

  • vote on route to Michigan
  • try to think of advice taken and appreciated
  • start the petition for standing desks in public schools.

Until next time.


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