i (vaguely re)cal (l)

iCal seems to have trouble letting go.

Either that or I have trouble managing my iCal(s)

Every Wednesday I am reminded of Leo’s piano lesson. He quit (three) years ago.

On Tuesdays I am supposed to pick up the milk. We stopped buying raw milk about a year ago, six months before our farm stopped selling it. That left us less miserable than other members, and each week (as I x out Cal’s reminder) I remember agonizing over the decision that turned out to only have impact for 6 months. Or, if you are iCal forEVER.

I also practice yoga twice a week, run three times a week and walk twice a week. It is a very active life. I am surprised I can fit it all in. Except of course I do none of those things (anymore.)

She (I think of iCal as a girl probably because of Siri, despite being named Cal) keeps me on my toes about my farm share pickup. She is two days late every week, but I forgive her, because I never told her about the new pick up day. These changes can be difficult to input. Particularly when they happened as recently as 4 years ago.

Oliver likes to tell me that early is on time, on time is late and late is early for the next thing (sanctimonious little 3rd grader). Maybe Cal agrees with him, and is just getting me ready for next weeks share. Or she is locked in the past. Either way.

The recurring event is usually an act of optimism (or at least leaving out the end date is.)

Between clouds, phones, iPads, google, and various other synching issues she is just hopelessly out of the loop. I x out her reminders without irritation though. She is not to blame she just wants me to be the (sporty, local foodie, great mom) best me i(cal) can be.


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  1. I was just thinking about this last week. Somehow, some (not all) of my iCal reminders pop up on the boy’s iPad, so they remind me of client (who are long gone) meetings, and personal events from what seems like a lifetime ago (or someone else’s life now). There MUST be a way to get everything properly synched?

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