I’m starting the design phase of the next winwin app. Its working title is Lifework or Worklife.

Imagine an app that helps you monetize all of the things that you already do in your daily life. Then helps publicize them on a mobile platform, and makes it super easy to give back to your community. Well even if you can’t imagine it, I am imagining it…but I need some help.

Although this app is all about one of a kind, individual goings on, we still need to bow down to the technological search gods every now and then. So I am seeking categories in the forms of verbs.

I’m aiming for the fewest possible verbs that can work to shoehorn in every kind of gathering, sale, activity, and effort in the universe. No problem right? Please comment and help me with this task.  My starting point:

Working-For volunteer sign up, services offered, think year round cinderfella

Learning-Lectures, symposia, and the like

Playing-sports, group hikes, kids stuff

Connecting-Networking, hiring, dating other legal interactions

Dining-eating and drinking.

Where does shopping go? That is a primary life event (and selling our stuff is one of the most time honored ways of monetizing our personal lives) Hoarding?  Isn’t working too broad, and sometimes it costs money…What about fundraising?

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