While you were in.

I have a huge task in front of me. But I am totally up for it.

As an official backer of the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter I need to re-watch all three seasons before the movie debuts in March. I thought I could move along at a leisurely pace until I received this call to action:

Project Update #67: Starting tonight: “live” online episode viewing + Q&A with our cast & team.

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There’s a lot left to do this week, so I’ll get right to the point.

We’ve now got less than 40 days left until Veronica Mars hits theaters, and our cast and crew couldn’t be more excited. With the MTV Movie Brawl behind us, we wanted to give you something else to look forward to, and we think we’ve found a good solution.

A few updates back, I mentioned that the team at@NeptuneRising have put together a schedule to re-watch the entire series before the film is released, and have been encouraging fans to join them in “live-tweeting” and discussing one episode each night at 8pm EST / 5pm PST.

Well, once that happened, I started getting messages from our team, asking if it would be OK to join in. And I thought that sounded like a great idea, so…

Starting tonight, some of the Veronica Mars cast and team will join fans to live-tweet selected episodes, and stick around afterwards for a little bit of Q&A.

Last-minute changes are always possible, but as of now, here’s the current schedule:

This week:

  • Feb 3: PERCY DAGGS (@PDaggsIII), for Episode 2×12,Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle.
  • Feb 4: AMANDA NORET (@amanda_noret), for Episode 2×13, Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough.
  • Feb 7: DARAN NORRIS (@golfstoomuch), for Episode 2×16, The Rapes of Graff.

Thats right. The synchronized viewing with LIVE tweeting started last night, with season 2. After all of my dedication, brand ambassadorship, and cold hard cash I was left out of the debut session. I had no choice but to get to work. So this morning I brought my tea up to bed, queued up Amazon Prime, and finished off season 1. Twenty two episodes, consumed in just a few days. Alas I am still behind. And not just on the show.

When I emerged from bed at 11:20 I may or may not have determined the following:

  • The person who I had invited to co work had said she would meet me. Three hours ago.
  • The Mariners tenant had written to tell me that the dishwasher was not draining.
  • The programmer who is coding our facebook app needed to get an answer on the UI, 2 hours ago.
  • My friend who I might or might not have been meeting for lunch confirmed that we were in fact meeting. In 30 minutes.
  • The washing machine that I had loaded with pee sheets was on tilt like a bad poker player. Three hours ago.
  • My children had left their notes for parent pick on the island. And would thus board the bus and miss Book Fair unless I intervened. 4 hours from now.
  • The structural engineer who was volunteering to inspect our bridge was trying to set up a time to visit, three hours ago.
  • The kids from Mrs. Piggly Wiggle’s town were having a parade in front of my window enticing me away from my screen with hand held cymbols and twirly batons. One hour ago.
  • The weather was a balmy 25 degrees and sunny. Warm enough to walk. But that had ended. One hour ago.

Its OK though, I needed to check in on Weevil and Mac, and Logan and make sure they all had backup.

See you

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  1. all is forgiven in the name of V.Mars. from my end, at least… i think you recovered quite well — kids were met, lunch was had(?), and we even got to hang out for a second or two. success!

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