winwinner Wednesday: Bluebird Tavern

That’s Nate and Aaron up there, and their incredible food. Although you can’t see Sue or Laura or the rest of the crew’s smiling faces, their mark is everywhere. From butcher boards, to great pours, to reclaiming reclaimed bars to keep things ultra local, Bluebird Tavern is my favorite place to eat, drink, and visit with friends.

Their incredible dedication to turning out food that is art is matched by their desire to make their community better. Bluebird hosts Community Night Wednesdays where they give 10% of their sales to a local non-profit partner, asking only  for basic help marketing the evening. (Application linked above.)

Their blue room, recently updated by the old bar from Harlem (via Smokejacks), features wifi (as does the whole venue) as well as projectors and large scale seating. This flexible space can host a stand up cocktail party, a sitdown dinner for many, or your best board meeting ever.

This Sunday they are co-hosting a bash at the barn at The Intervale. From 4:30-8:00 they will be serving up spicy (and not so spicy) bouillabaisse, and Dedalus will be pouring at least 6 versions of Rose. (A varietal you either already love, or need to try again in its current renaissance.) You can buy $40 all you can eat and drink tickets via their winwinapps webstack.

Although this event doesn’t benefit a local nonprofit in the most strict sense, it helps our community by advancing the Intervale Barn as a venue, supporting local small business, and all of the local vendors that Bluebird works with regularly.

Join us Sunday evening, and you will see what I am harping about!

About “winwinner” Wednesday: Each week we profile one of the nonprofits using winwin apps to make the world a better place. If you’d like to be featured on our blog, drop us a line!

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