Hate local

Vegas, Manhattan, Paris, almost every part of the world that is not filled with white people. Gay people, Jews, women, Muslims. Hatred is everywhere. 

Including inside most of us. 

The primary solution being preached against hate crimes and acts of terror is Love. A life of love is what most of us aspire to…but it is not realistic for many of us. It is like advocating abstinence for teen pregnancy. Teens will have sex as surely as we will struggle with hatred.  

Let’s keep trying to cultivate love…but in the mean time…hate locally. 

In-laws who pretend you don’t exist, the person who cuts you off in traffic, the boss who belittles your work. Go ahead and hate them a little bit. Even better than hating specific people is hating specific behaviors.  Baby steps. 

Ideally we will all cultivate strong and long lasting relationships that can tolerate small slices of hate. 

Hate local. 

It might save a lot of lives. 

Go ahead and hate this post. I am here to help. 

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Anna Palmer

Anna Rosenblum Palmer is a freelance writer based in Denver, CO. She writes about sex, parenting, cat pee, bi-polar disorder and the NFL; all things inextricably intertwined with her mental health. In her free time she teaches her boys creative swear words, seeks the last missing puzzle piece and thinks deeply about how she is not exercising. Her writing can be found on Babble, Parent.co, Great Moments in Parenting, Ravishly, Good Men Project, Sammiches and Psych Meds, Playpen, Crazy Good Parent, and YourTango. She also does a fair amount of navel gazing on her own blog at annarosenblumpalmer.com.

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